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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 13, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> you are watchching "france e. " these are the headlines. spain coululd be heading to snap elections s because of a failed budget deal. pro-catalan parties withholding a vote, helping parliament rejected minority socialist government's first budget. venezuela's opposition leader that a sea of protesters humanitarian aid will be brought into the country later this
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month. the pressure is on donald trump to accept a deal that would head off a second government shutdown. just giving the u.s. president a fraction of the moneney he wants to build the wall on the mexican border. belgium's 14p, airports have been shut down by a nationwide strike. we will have the details in the business update. and get your geek out. we're heading to brazil's round-the-clock tech fair party. the details coming up. first, a look at the top stories from paris. ♪ thousandsn venezuela,
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of supporters turned out to back opposition leader juan guaido on tuesday. he has been in a standup of president nicolas maduro over international aid that has been blocked at the border. maduro has refused to let the eighth in, -- aid in. guaido told a crowd it will be brought in the number four february 23. reporter: a showdown looms. the people filling the streets of caracas in protest of nicolas maduro's government demanding that waiting humanitarian aid be allowed to enter the country. they finally have their eyes set on a date. a week and a half from now, or one month to the day opposition leader juan guaido declared himself interim president of venezuela. of february will be the day humanitarian aid will enter venezuela. reporter: he gave few details
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about how he plans to give the medical and food supplies into venezuela. citizens toon mobilize in caravans you are currently shut colombian border. a potentially dangerous request. they could lead a heightened tensions or even clashes with the military. for many at the peaceful marches, the risk is a necessary one. 250,000 people are already signed up to help. >> i asked the military to please cross over to the right side of history. we need missouri to lead to the country can start over. >> humanitarian aid needs to be delivered to hospitals, to say people who are dying -- save people who are dying. reporter: it has become central to the power struggle between guaido, who has recognized by 60 countries at the legitimate leader, and nicolas maduro who enjoys the backing of the
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military. to acceptefused foreign aid, saying it's a military intervention by the united states. his supporters gathered on the other side of the capital for a youth day rally, announcing what ththey see a as foreign ininterference. >> the ongoing crisis has had an effect on many aspects of life, including education. with many venezuelan teachers on strike, many schools in colombia hasas seen the numbers rise. naomi lloyd reports on one school where the majority of student walk over from venezuela everyday. reporter: crossing the border from venezuela to columbia, these young venezuelans make this journey every day to go to school. he lives in san antonio in venezuela. it takes her two hours to bring her daughter and goddaughter to a school in the border town. she says she has the option as the schools where she lives are
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closed. >> they have not had any lessons in january. the teachers are on strike because they have not been paid. basically they were having to teach for free. that is why they resigned. there are more than 1000 venezuelan children here studying,. live on the other side of the border. demand for places is time. >> in october, we received more ththan 9000 requests for only 60 new places. reporter: the uniform helps them gets priority when crossing the bridge and to get past border guards. needs they can go to the middle. the exit for the elderly people. reporter: for now, despite the long run, these c children can keep their studies going. the pressure is on donald trump to accept a budget compromise that would avoid a new government shutdown. the last shutdown was the
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longest in u.s. history and left hundreds of thousands of federal workers without pay. the new tentative deal worked out by both parties would give trump a fraction of the money he demanded to build his border wall with mexico. politics haveisan long ruled capitol hill and they still do, but with a compromise agreed upon to avoid a shutdown, both democratic and republican leaders have been putting pressure on donald trump to greenlight their tentative spending deal. >> please, mr. president, no one got everything they wanted in this bill but sign it and don't cause a shutdown. >> i think he's got a pretty good deal here. i think he's done just fine. i i hope h he will conclude that because he has to sign the bill. reporter: the president received the news before going on stage at a rally monday in texas. he has yet to publicly say hee will sign it. $1.4 billion for border
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fences, and 5.7 -- not the $5.7 billion he wanted. the offer is less thanan the previous compromise, one that trump rejected and leading to the record-breaking 35 day governrnment shutdown. the prpresident now says he migt reconsider. >> i can't say i'm happy. i can't say i'm thrilled, of the wall is getting built regardless. we are doing other things beyond but we're talking about here. we will see what happens. we are having a meeting on it later. reporter: change this time around is republican senator pressure and the follow-up from the previous shutdown, which many blame trump and the gop for. u.s. president remained adamant. he said if he signs a deal, they will find a way either declaring a national emergency or re-appropriating fununds for the wall. guzman has been
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found guilty of crimes spanning 25 years. during his trial in new york, witnesses describe the mexican mob boss as eating, shooting and even burying alive those who got in his way. after to escape some high-security prisons in mexico and decades on the run across chapo'smerica, el exploits are put to an end. the district attorney sankey expects him to be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. >> it's a go. the federal jury in the eastern district convicted watching -- guzman on all counts. they found he led the sinaloa cartel, the largest and most dangerous drug cartel in the world. reporter: the jury concluded he
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used to violen, , murder, torture, kidnapping and money-laundering to run his criminal enterprise. prosecutors say the cartel was the larargest supplier of drugso the united states. his defense attorney said they will appeal tuesday's ruling, insisting their client was unfairly portrayed to the public. guzman was convicted before even knew who he was. he was convicted in the pressss and itit was a very y difficult thing to overcome. the was presumed guiltlty. the infamous drug lord was first captured in guatemala in 1993, then imprisoned in mexico before escaping in 2001. authorities caught up with him again, arrestingng him in 2014 after 13 yearsrs on the rurun. justst a year later, be used in mile-long tunnel to break out of what w was supposed to be mexi's most secure prison.
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he was recaptured by mexican -- indictedin 2016 him to the u.s. the following year. >> spain could be heading for snap elections linked to a failed b budget deal. ththe majority socialist government has been defeated on a budget vote. he needed votes from pro-independent parties from catalonia to get the deal through. they refused to back the budget unless madrid promised to talk about the region's independnden. for the latest, let's go to sarah morris who joins us from madrid. i spoke to the catalan foreign minister he said they don't necessarily have to do snap elections. how else could this play out? reporter: in theory, the foreign minister is right. it could be rolled over. the government could continue to run the country until 2020.
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nobody expects that to happen. this is the second time a government has ever lost a budget vote in this way. the last time a government lost it, was the guns always socialist government after it lost the budget. it had to call early elections. it was also the catalan nationalist party that voted against that budget. similar situation he finds himself in. now the eyes are on hand. the prime minister is the only person that can set the date. rumored is april 14 or april 28, or a super sunday in may to coincide with european and local elections. we understand lots of the local regional barons, as they are nicknamed in the parties, you
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want to do well at those local elections are asking sanchez not date. -- the may d ate >> there is a trial with 12 separatists who have been linked to catalonia's failed independence bid. what is the latest in the courtroom? reporter: the public prosecutor was speaking about the remarks yesterday by the defendants. the defendants' lawyers said they couldn't get a fair trial and the prosecutor told the court today they can get a fair trial, that this is an impartial accord. he said their strategy was so belittle and rubbish the spanish justice system. he said they would not go on trial for being a pro-independent supporter. they were on trial for the events of 2017 when it broke the
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constitution and broke the orders from the court, the referendum on october 3 should not go ahead. the prosecutor for continue making his robuttle to the remarks -- rebuttal to the remarks. >> sarah morris reporting from madrid. now to haiti were close to 80 people broke out of prison on tuesday. the exact circumstances of the prison break are unclear. witnesses say it happened as antigovernment protests for going on nearby. that comes as port-au-prince has been rocked by close to a week of violent protests that have left six dead. another protest turneded r riot in the h haitian capital. thousands turned out for a sick consecutive day -- sixth consecutive day of protests.
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after police the tentative dispersed them with tear gas, many responded with looting and vandalism. in the south of the country, all 78 inmates of a prison escape while police were reportedly distracted with similar demonstrations nearby. haitian authorities have not indicated a death toll since the seventh of february. at least six people are believed to have been shot dead by security forces. at the heart of the recent unrest, crippling inflation and accusations of corruption at the highest level. >> i am in this situation because of the president. i can't go to school. he must go. if not, we will burn down the whole countryry. >> we have to keep mobilized until the president and prime minister leave. they should go to jail. reporter: during his election campaigngn, the president promid
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food on every play and money in every pocket. but since he took power, inflation has risen by 15% and haiti remains the poorest country in the caribbean. then there is the alleged corruption. under the so-called fund venezuela surprised katie with cut-rate oil and generous borrowing terms. patients are furious at revelations that $2 billion of that find intended for development projects have been misusused or embezzled.. in one instance by a company owned by the president. for demonstrators, the time has come for him to step aside. they say they won't stop until he doeoes. >> the australian government is set to reopen and out of using controversial detention camp on christmas s land. that is the better prepare for a new wave of asylum-seekers arriving by boat. they are on their way out of the yesterday in parliament passed legislation that would give sick
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asylum seekers easier access to mainland hospitals. the government says the bill that passed by just one vote will undermine australia's tough refugee policy. it demonstrates the government's and will putpower policy at the forefront of campaigning ahead of upcomoming elections. five months after fire gutted brazil's 200 euro national museum, the site that once held some of the greatest treasures remained a ruin of scorched walls and piles of ashsh. the plans to rebuild have gotten underway, starting with the contract to restore the facade. reporter: brazil's once proroud national museum reduced to ruins after a devastating fire in septemember. the blaze destroyed around 90% of the collections. five months on, efforts to sell to -- savage artifacts are still moviving. >> after the fire, they become fragile.
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they can be destroyed just by touchihing t them. we are very cautious. we think this job should be done more strategically. reporter: archaeologists and volunteers have rescued around 1500 pieces of relics, including most of the skull of a 12,000 euro fossil named luisa. and meteoritetesre some of the includingtanding, this one discovered in 1784 and the largest ever found in brazilil. >> meteorites come from space. they face higher temperatureres than those that are fire can reach. the basic structure and most of the other metallic neuritis was not very affected -- meteorites was not very effectitive. reporter: the reason held a large collection of historic artifacts in latin america, at about 20 million pieces.
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it's lost to the nation's been described to his calculable -- as incalculable. pleasing directors say they y he a new museumum can ememerge froe ashes. will stay in brazil for this next story and thousands of self-proclaimed geeks and tech nerds are in sao paulo f for the annualal campus party. the weeklong tech fair is a way for them to show off their fancy computers, in some cases made her look like characters from movies or video games, for the fake the future of the internet. it is also time for the tech savvy nurse the come-from-behind their screens and social media to meet in person and share. a huge geek faction, section of the pavilion is reserved for camping tents where most participants sleep during the week. let's take a quick look now at today's big story on "france 24 ." france could be heading for -- spain could be heading for snap elections. the pro-catalan parties have voted to not back a minority socialist government's deal.
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we will talk business now w with ststephen carroll. a formertart with nissan boss who was making changes toto his legal teaeam in japan. stephen: that's right. his chief defensnse attttorney s resigned in a momove that seemsa change in legal strategy for the industry executive. -- he is charged with breaching trust at underreporting his income had nissan. he thanked him foror his work, t in the end s said he was hiring- to replace him as he prepares for trial. he is a lawyer known for having one several high-profilele case. in a justice system with a 99% convinc conviction rate. reuters reports the board of run renault- for now --
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plans on canceling a golden pararachute worth $30 million. all flights ouout of thehe couny having canceled d since lalast nighght. the ststoppage will contininue l 10:00 locacal time. the e strike was caused by unios seekeking greater r wage increa. georgina robinson has the details. reporter: going nowhere. airplanes are grounded indulgence airports today. >> we have your traffic will be grabbed the affected. we had no choice but to close the airports. reporter: this strike goes far beyond the airport. fl jim's deirdre -- belgium's air traffic control authority says no aircraft are taking off or landing in the country on wednesday. some passesengers were sympathec to those on strike. >> the company changed the tickets. now taking the bus to rotterdam. it is understandable they are striking, yes. i i think capital and labor are
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two different things. and that while capitalal contins to increase, labor costs drop. reporter: the impact of the strike is not just think nobody ever sector. national rail services are down to a minimal service. police, postal services, schools, hospitals and rubbish collection also affected. the unions organizing this striker seeking improved pay and better pensions. the economic council and representatives have recommended wage increases be capped at 0.8%. that falls far short of the union's cement of a 1.5% raisis. the full cost of the strike is emerging. the airport tradeking losses to the tune of 30 million euros. thehe goverernment wiwill announce a plalan in weeks t to compmpensate business owners and homeowners affected by the
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yellow vests protesters. somece minister says measures have already been announced to help businesses affected, but they can be reinforced. the mayors of cities in smaller towns want to be reimbursed for the cost of the protests. accounting, the cost of the protests is that 30 million euros. that is from additional costs and lost revenue. these losses are born directly by our communities from something that is clearly a national issue but has spread us. we have asked for a total or partial payment of the damages because the government has asked us to produce savings for quite some time. a new report says the opec g grp is largely sticking to its plan to cut oil production. the international energy agencyy
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says o opec output dropped by around 930,000 barrels a d day n january. that is helping to boost the price of oil. -- inteternational bank benchmark k is not trading over sisi three dollars a level, the highest since last november. >> a look at the trade talks into the u.s. and china. stephen: the u.s. tradee seetetary s arrived for talks set to begin tomorrow and avoiding escalation of tensions between the world's two largest economies. the china morning post says the president xi will meet steve mnuchin and robert lighthizer on friday. their goal is to find an agreement by march 1. after which the u.s. has threatened to more than double the tariffs on $200 billion worth of chinese imports. although president trump has suggested that deadline could slip if progress is made in discussions. >> to 10% or $200 billion goes up to 25% on march 1.
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so far i've said don't do it. if we are close to a deal where we think we can make a real deal and it's going to get done, i could see myself letting that slide for a little while. but generally speaking i'm not inclined to that.t. ststephen: any move e away from escalation is good news for the market. let's see how things are trading in europe. gains across many of the main markets, boosted by optimism over what will happen with trade. we're keeping an eye on the stock market in madrid after news that the spanish budget has been rejected. the ibex down just a little. of the currency market, the dollar gettingng a boost from trade news. afterund a little weaker inflation hits a two-year low in the u.k. that's weighing on the volumemef sterling. videogogame makeker activisision blizizzard is cuttining 800 job.
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that is the company expects its revenue to drop by 1/5 this year to just over $6$6 billion. they are suffering f from the popularirity ofivalal fororight. ththes layoffsfs after p profits jumped to $1.8 bilillion last year. ryanair a aons at not happy the ceceo can be iline for a bibig bonu stepephen: the c could bee 19 90 million euro -- 99 million euro. it will only be that much of the manages to double the airline's profitability to 2 billion euro over the next five years, or dodouble the share pririce. they told the financial times the bonus would encourage him to continue what it called his unsustainable way of dealing with his employees. ryanair has had a tumulultuous
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relationship to say the least. jeannie: thank you for the look of the business news. oming up, he will meet king, a wire fox terrier that one best in show in new york. that is coming up after the headlines. ♪
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